Mortgage Telemarketing

Mortgage telemarketing is one of the most challenging yet highly effective forms of B2C (Business to Consumer) telemarketing conducted by businesses and organizations involved in the financial services industry. Often used by a range of businesses including banks, independent mortgage dealers, mortgage brokers and even insurance companies, mortgage telemarketing takes many different forms. The most popular forms of mortgage telemarketing currently in use in the UK are mortgage lead generation, sales appointment setting, mortgage lead pre-qualification, mortgage cold-calling and pay per appointment/sale telemarketing.

Mortgage telemarketing is a particularly good way for businesses and organizations that sell or provide mortgage services to improve their business development efforts. Although many forms of mortgage telemarketing, particularly mortgage lead generation, can be challenging; telemarketing is actually far better suited to this industry than other forms of direct marketing or promotional activities. Time and time again, good mortgage telemarketing campaigns have proven to be effective ways of increasing sales and promotions to customers.

Since mortgage telemarketing is such a specialized form of telemarketing, many mortgage providers prefer to outsource their telemarketing campaigns to professional mortgage telemarketing companies. Outsourcing mortgage telemarketing to professional telemarketing companies often means that mortgage providers and dealers get out of touch with their business development efforts, and instead rely on the capabilities and skills of the professional telemarketers that run each campaign. An effective way for businesses involved in the mortgage industry to undertake mortgage telemarketing in-house is to purchase mortgage telemarketing leads from a professional provider of mortgage lead generation services.
In the UK, mortgages and related financial products belong to a highly regulated industry, so leads used for mortgage telemarketing campaigns need to be careful selected. Cold-calling is a method of telemarketing which is not suitable for mortgage telemarketing purposes as there is no guarantee that the prospects which are contacted will fulfill any of the specific criteria which is needed to purchase mortgages and mortgage related services. Mortgage telemarketing leads which can be purchased through mortgage lead generation services fall into two categories:

Raw Mortgage Leads

Running any telemarketing campaign leads to costs, and this is especially true for mortgage telemarketing campaigns. Although purchasing mortgage lead generation services is a more effective way to carry out a mortgage telemarketing campaign, there is no guarantee that the leads themselves will be of a necessary quality. Purchasing mortgage lead generation services can also be costly, live leads can often be sold for twice as much as raw leads, and raw leads purchased could turn out to be bad and ineffective leads. To get the most out of your mortgage telemarketing campaign you need to keep your initial costs low, and only consider undertaking long term campaigns if you are certain that the leads you have purchased are of a high quality and that the services you offer are appealing to your target customer.

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